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KRUK Romania

About Us

KRUK helps people free themselves from debt and regain their financial credibility, thus balancing the Romanian economic environment.

Leader of the collection market, by the number of managed portfolios, KRUK develops its strategy on amicable settlements. Customers are given the opportunity to conveniently repay the debt, installments set by them.

In 2019 we launched, the self-pay online service for users to take control of their debt.

KRUK’s business model is constantly being consolidated, both by taking over the full receivables and by temporarily serving the processes of debt collection,.

KRUK’s expertise in debt collection is varied, including, among others, insurance and leasing companies, telecom, distribution of consumer goods, banks.


KRUK ensures the monitoring of the social and legal norms according to which it performs its duties.

KRUK acts ethically, in the spirit of protecting personal data and the interest of customers and partners, as well as ensuring their reputation, integrity and dignity.

Our performance is based on innovation, professionalism, and credibility. KRUK is also actively involved in social campaigns, providing vulnerable communities with material support and access to top financial education.


KRUK aims the top position worldwide, among publicly traded companies in its segment by exceeding the expectations of its customers and business partners and constantly building mutually beneficial relationships.

“We open new routes on the financial market, motivated to strengthen the value of the company. Day to day, we create an active working environment, driven by passionate people, with a positive attitude”, states Cosmina Marinescu, General Manager of KRUK Romania.


Cosmina Marinescu
General Director

Liviu Costica
Operations Area Director

Claudiu Bud
Director of Strategic Transactions and Client Relations Area


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Tel:  *KRUK (*5785) sau 031 413 20 20

HQ: Splaiul Unirii nr. 165, Timpuri Noi Offices 2, district 4, Bucharest, Romania