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About AMCC

Despre Noi

AMCC was founded in 2007 at the initiative of Coface, EOS KSI and Creditreform. Currently brings together 15 members.

AMCC is a full member of FENCA – Federation of European National Collection Associations. Through AMCC, Romania became the 15th Member of FENCA.

AMCC’s mission is to represent its members at national and international level, to promote the concept of credit services management and support it in the national legislation.

AMCC wants to become a national representative association for debt collection agencies in Romania and to implement a high standard of quality in the management of receivables.

The main purpose of AMCC is to regulate the profession and to set professional ethical principles to be followed by debt collection companies in relation to retail and corporate debtors.

Structura Organizatorica

The new Board of Directors of AMCC was voted on 24/05/2022:


Georg Kovacs, EOS KSI




Claudiu Gantoi, KRUK ROMANIA



Member of the Board of Directors

Magdalena Cristescu, INTRUM

Vision & Mission


AMCC is making efforts to promote a healthy business environment and to help companies to develop sustainable.


AMCC’s mission is to represent its members nationally and internationally, to promote and protect trade receivables management activities in specific ways.



  • Administrate members affiliation and promote them in the profile market
  • Develop and regularly update the Association’s Code of Conduct and monitoring its observance by all members of the association, and in breach of its adoption of necessary disciplinary measures, as provided by law and this statute
  • Attract new members in the association and open new partnerships
  • Perform administrative and legislative lobbying
  • Educate borrowers about the adoption of healthy behaviors payment of a business environment conducive to sustainable development
  • Manage complaints received from debtors on bad behavior and unsuited practice Association Code of Conduct practiced in some cases by members
  • Arbitrate divergences between members
  • Organize events for media and partners in order to promote the collection of trade receivables and keep the interested public informed about the evolution of this industry.