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About Us

Intrum is the undisputed market leader of Europe having a wide-ranging expertise in debt collection services and credit management. The company has headquarters in 24 countries from Europe with a team of over 8000 employees. Intrum was established in 2017, through merging of Intrum Justitia and Lindorff. We are a company with a proud heritage, but above all, we have an exciting future ahead of us.

Our objective it’s to create common values for both companies and society. The companies benefit from on-time payments and with customized solutions, the customers are able to pay for their debts. Our values are: empathy, ethics, dedication and solutions.

Our vision is for Intrum to be trusted and respected by everyone who provides and receives credit.

Our mission is to help companies to improve their cash-flow, to increase their liquidity and to reduce the risk. Clients and customers are equally important for our business.

Our purpose is to lead the way to a sound economy. We help simplify trade, making it safe and fair, making sure, in the same time that the companies are being paid and the customers have less and less debts. This is our way to contribute to a sound economy for society, companies and customers


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Str. Dinu Vintila, nr. 11, Cladirea EuroTower Sector 2, Bucuresti, Romania