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Cycle European

About Us

In November 2004, CYCLE EUROPEAN S.R.L was founded as a juridical entity.

The activity started in February 2005, having as main activities the forwarding of bank products, mainly credit cards and loans, and banking and non-banking debts collection services.

From August 2008 Cycle European SRL is a member of ICAP Group.

 ICAP Group is one of the most successful regional Business Services Groups in South Eastern Europe. It has a primary mission to enable and promote business development, by adding value to our clients. At every link of the corporate value chain, there is a service provided by ICAP Group: from the initial business plan at the establishment of the company, to the organization and staffing, the market research, the continuous flow of business information, as well as our offering of outsourcing solutions.

Today, ICAP Group is organized in the following 5 major Business Units:

  • Debt Collection (by Cycle)
  • Business Information
  • Business Directories
  • Management Consultants
  • HR Outsourcing

Interwining the know-how advantage with a clever human resources management, CYCLE EUROPEAN S.R.L succeeded to come into prominence as a reliable and succesful partner, characterised by dynamism, enthusiasm, flexibility and proffesionalism.

Starting with June 2008 we are joining the Romanian Association of Commercial Receivables Management (AMCC) that promote and protect the activity of commercial debts management.

Cycle European SRL succeeds to obtain the certification (Quality Management System) for the Debt Collection Services – ISO 9001 by TUV HELLAS S.A.

From human and material resources point of view, Cycle European SRL counts over 260 employees.

Regarding the activity developed until now, we are proud about the fact that we succeeded in reaching our objective and becoming the first choice for our partners when comes to externalisation of debt recovery and promoting bank products services.

The proof of that consists in the fact that each project which started as a pilot-project has turned afterwards in a long-term collaboration reaching significant volumes.

Territorial activity expansion

CYCLE CREDIT was founded in November 1996 in Greece, Athens, and succeeded in becoming a leader in the field of debts collection, collaborating with all the local and international banking organizations.

As a pioneer of the industry and within the framework of its activities development, Cycle Credit founded a subsidiary company in Bucharest, Romania, under the name of CYCLE EUROPEAN S.R.L, hence extending its activities in the Balkan Peninsula.

Following the business development in Romania, Cycle made the next step within its expanding policy in the Balkans by founding, at the beginning of 2007, CYCLE CREDIT Serbia, located in Belgrade, at the beginning of 2009, CYCLE CREDIT BULGARIA, located in Sofia and at the beginning of 2014, CYCLE TURKEY, located in Istanbul.

Our Mission:

“Believing in Legality, Professionalism, Highly Qualified Human Resources and Advanced Technology we aim to Satisfy & Go beyond our Customers’ Requirements!”

 Human Resources

A highly specialized team of experts covers the CYCLE EUROPEAN activities. The persons we select to work for us are enthusiastic, dynamic young people and the services provided by them are constantly adjusting to our collaborators’ requirements.

The firm aims at perfecting the skills of every employee, as well as the possibility of increasing the personnel number, according to the needs of our customers.

In order to accomplish high quality services, CYCLE EUROPEAN pays particular attention to systematic and permanent training of its employees with a view to render their collection activity more efficient and to improving the services they provide.

More precisely, the training activities include:

– internal seminars on specific topics (for example, information systems, sales, collection)

– internal perfecting training or housing specialization seminars of external operators

– frequent attendance of external seminars, symposiums occurring in the field

– enriching training courses with informational materials, books, etc.

 Management Application

Data processing occurs via Collection Management System (CRM application), specially created to cover the technical needs of the firm and to extend or adapt the requirements of every associate. The system is visibly superior to similar programs in the trade and it is in a continuous process of development and adjustment in order to cover any needs that might come up on the way.

Security – Backup Systems

The informational system provides automatically procedures of existent data daily saving. A secondary mirror server, characterized by the same structure, activates simultaneously and it enables backup in case the primary server suffers data losses.

Information storage is also made on optical support (DVD), which are kept in a

securized archive. The network structure has a hardware firewall system built-in which prevents any unauthorized access via local system internet.


CYCLE EUROPEAN uses the latest technology in telephony, Voice-Over-IP, which is supplied by Cisco Systems through Algosystems (Cisco Certified Partner). In accordance with this technology we succeed to integrate the voice/data system, as well as an informational management of calls (inbound and outbound). The entire system is controlled by an application developed by the IT department.

Following the succesful collaboration with Cisco Sistems, our company accomplished the implementation of a new system CISCO IPCC (Internet Protocol Contact Center).

Moreover, is used a system of predictive auto-dialer for increasing efficiency and automation.


Receivable Management Services / Debt collection

CYCLE EUROPEAN founded the Collection Department at the end of 2005.

Benefiting from the advanced technology as well as of high management standards, Cycle became in short time one of the most important players in collection field.

Our company became leader in point of collaboration with all of our partners. We succeeded in coming into prominence as one of the most important suppliers of collection services.

One of the contributing factors to reaching these performances is the centering

of our operators in teams dedicated to each project. Each team is coordinated by supervisors/project managers, under direct subordination of the Collection & Operational Manager.

CYCLE EUROPEAN has specialized departments for processing cases ascribed by associates. These always meet the specific needs of the customers. Concretely speaking, these are the collecting procedures:

  phone or written notification (letters & sms)

These two types of communication force the debtor to become aware of his duties. He is notified about the phase attained by his debt, with updated interests, with a view to avoiding the repealing the credit card and canceling the contract. Starting with this moment, he may be asked for the whole sum of money plus the corresponding interest.

The call center services ensure discretion and reliability to the customers by the latest technology that we use. The aim of our activity is to be available to customers by complete phone services, adapted to the needs we identify together with our partners.

 – collection (late/early)

Cycle advises the debtor to pay the amounts that are due to the banking institutions it collaborates with, amounts which the debtor is announced of, in an updated form, via phone notification. If paying off the debt is not possible, then our firm has the capacity of settling a payment schedule, always within the standards acknowledged by the associate.

 – legal actions

The lawyers and the legal executors affiliated to our firm take over the legal steps connected to credit recovery.

Confidentiality policy / Legal provisions

Cycle European is Operator of Personal Data registered under the number 2381, according to the Law 677/2001.

Cycle European shall not disclose or use any confidential information for its benefit or in the benefit of third parties. The information deemed as confidential are both written (on any support: paper, electronic etc) and verbal.

Cycle European debts collection procedures comply with all applicable laws, including relevant legal provisions.


Cycle European Srl

Soseaua Bucuresti Nord Nr 10, Cladirea O21, Et 4, Voluntari, Ilfov, Romania