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OTP Factoring

About Us

OTP Factoring was founded in 2009, as a member of OTP BANK Group, and has the main activity of Debt Management of the receivable portfolios acquired from different Banking Institutions and Non-Banking Financial Institutions. Starting with 2012, we became one of the most performing companies in the field of Debt Management on the Romanian market. We are present in five locations : Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Miercurea Ciuc and Timisoara and we are under continuous expansion.

We wish to be helpful towards our clients and offer them support in solving their financial issues. This is why we treat each case individually and consider the good will of our clients, thus being able to provide them the best solutions, even during an eventual forced execution.


Through our impeccable reputation, we contribute to OTP Group’s financial market share increase.
Using positive, reasonable & realistic income techniques, through unique agreement solutions, we help the Romanian clients’ financial rehabilitation.
Offering professional legal solutions, we ensure the clients’ debt repayment.


OTP Factoring

Punct de lucru Bucuresti, str. Nicolae Caramfil nr. 79, etaj 3, Sector 1