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About Us

Ge.Ri. Gestione Rischi was set up on 17 January 1994 from an idea of professionals with experience in the management and protection of credit sector.

Elliot was set up following the emergence of the new needs of the market, in the sphere of Integrated Management of Risk Management and Customer Operations, after 2003.

GERI HDP is one of the few companies able to guarantee the same operational logics and quality standards in Europe, as it has done for years in Italy.

The experience matured has made us confident and allowed us to follow the same paths internationally that have taken us to success in Italy, facing the challenges of local markets.

The „spirit” of GERI HDP is conveyed daily by the Mission „Live the Challenges” through 10 core values, conceived and shared within the organisation:

Reliability – we respect the commitments made
Co – operation – sharing the tasks benefits us
Dynamic – our creative spirit is always on the move
Flexibility – we shape ourselves to the priorities
Just in time – in the right place at the right time
Improvement – continuous – the skill of tomorrow will improve that of today
Passion – we emanate energy
Persistence – we don’t give up
Respect – is the basis of our relations
Solidarity – animals, people, the countryside – we support those in need



Domenico DE FINA

Deputy Operations Manager



Strada Cuza Voda 1 – City Business Center, Etaj 2 – 400107, Cluj-Napoca (CJ)