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B2Kapital Portfolio Management

About Us

B2Kapital Portfolio Management and Debt Collection Agency Romania, the two companies of the financial services group B2Holding ASA, merged on the Romanian market starting with September 2020. The merged company operates under the name B2Kapital Portfolio Management (B2KPM).

B2Kapital Portfolio Management is one of the largest companies in debt collection services and NPL investment market in Romania. The recent merger aims to increase operational efficiency and built a unique representation for the Norwegian group B2Holding, one of the leaders in the field of acquisitions and debt collection at European level, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, headquartered in Oslo, with a presence in twenty-six European countries.

Since 2013 on the Romanian market, the company has a history of seven years and currently has almost 300 employees.

B2KPM focuses on acquiring debt portfolios, both secured and unsecured, and collaborates closely with some of the largest banking and non-banking financial institutions and telecommunications services providers.

The company develops long-term partnerships based on trust – both with the companies from which it acquires debt portfolios as well as with clients it supports in repaying debts in a correct, sustainable and empathic manner. The transactions completed in acquisition of non-performing contracts, as well as the development of the group’s operations guarantee an efficient and professional management.

The collection strategy is adapted for the optimal monitoring of unpaid debts. B2KPM helps clients by proposing amicable or legal flexible solutions. This approach is, despite the temporary problems, a considerable benefit for customers – facilitates the return to trustworthy consumers status and helps them improve their financial credibility.

Our vision – Be leading trusted partner that actively re-shapes the credit management industry

Our mission is bridging the gap – Through our business solutions we contribute to handling society’s debt problems, bridging the gap that defaulted debt represents in the credit chain.

Our business is about people and creating shared value for business and society. We are asocially responsible creditor and a trusted solution provider for our vendors and our co-investors.

Our values – We are AIDER and we believe in

Agility – We focus on solutions, not problems.

Integrity – Integrity is the foundation on which we build trust.

Diversity – We value and respect people of different backgrounds and experiences.

Excellence – We drive change and challenge ourselves to find better ways.

Responsibility – We are accountable for our actions.

The company is managed by Elias Malandris, starting with the last quarter of 2019. His experience in operational and debt restructuring goes back more than 15 years. He has overseen the placement of more than euro 300 mln investments in NPL portfolios and individual loans of more than euro 8 bn Assets Under Management value. Previously he held the position of Finance and Acquisitions Director in South East Europe for B2Holding.


General Manager


B2Kapital Portfolio Management

Strada Vasile Alecsandri nr. 4, Bucuresti
Strada Constantin Daniel nr. 11, Corp C, Bucuresti